Transition in the World of Casinos!

Transition in the World of Casinos!

The precise origin of Casinos is unknown, but it has been in existence since ancient times in every society. The word Casino is of Italian origin, and its root Casa means house, the word casino was referred to as a villa, a summerhouse or a social club where people used to gather to have drinks, food and play together. The first gambling house in Europe was established in Venice, Italy, in 1638 during the carnival season to provide controlled gambling and it was called the ‘Ridotto’. Later the Casinos were included in public buildings where pleasurable activities took place and they would become the centre of attraction. Casinos were built near or often combined with hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, retail shopping and other places of tourist attractions because it lures a lot of tourists. 

The gambling establishments in America were known as ‘Saloons’, and Saloons were the centre of social gatherings as people would find people to talk to, drink with and gamble with. Four major cities of America namely New Orleans, Chicago, San Fransico and St.Louis gave importance to the creation of Saloons, and in 1931 USA legalized gambling throughout the state of Nevada, which gave birth to the Casino City of the World known as Las Vegas. The state of New Jersey followed Nevada and legalized gambling in 1976 and Atlantic City became the second-largest gambling city in the USA followed by LAs Vegas. Later the world followed and Casinos were established all around the world. India legalized casinos in 2 states namely Sikkim and Goa. Sikkim has Two casinos and Goa has 10, out of which 6 are land-based and 4 are floating casinos on the Mandovi river of Goa. The third place where casinos can be legalized in India is Daman, But some legal complexities are serving as hurdles in legalising casinos in Daman, we should have a decision on it soon and we hope it may be a positive one.

With the change in trends of human lives in the 21st Century, there is not a thing that you cannot find online. We never knew that the world wide web could bring the whole world on the web, yet here we are, living in the century everything is online and so are casinos. Today every major casino in the world has a website of its own that provide users to play casino games online. Maharajabook is one such platform that is Asia’s Most Advanced Gaming Platform and provides users with a wide array of casino games to choose from and where you can play and win exorbitant amounts. 

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